From Lola’s Bar Menu: The Steamy Viking

The Steamy Viking

This fun boozy escapade starts with a good Scottish whisky (notice no
“e” in this whisky-which is how you know you’re dealing with a true
Scottish product).   Hot and strong, just like Bram.  Next, you’ll
need some blue curacao for added flavor and color.  The more you add,
the sweeter and bluer your drink will be, so shoot for a balance based
off of your individual preference.  A touch of lemon will finish off
the flavor palate and you’re ready to go!  For the truly adventurous,
I recommend adding a bit of dry ice for a downright steamy effect.*

smoky blue cocktail

Image from:

2 Parts Scotch Whisky
1 Part Blue Curaçao
1/4 Part Lemon Juice

*For tips and safety information about how to use dry ice properly for
cocktails, check out this Gizmodo article  –

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