Meet Tiny Joss

20150220_194540By J. Tipton

Meet Tiny Joss (pen to show scale of tinyness)!  I was gifted this lilliputian Joss Whedon (of Buffy, Firefly, Avengers, etc. fame) action figure for Christmas and it’s made it into the rotation as one of the more fun writing tools at my disposal.  Annie and I like to use Tiny Joss when we’re trying to work out a particularly difficult plot point.

Mostly I like to hold him up to my ear like a teeny tiny writer seashell and report what he says in a weirdly high-pitched cartoon voice. It may sound annoying but I assure you…okay yeah actually it’s pretty annoying.  It’s weird though, his advice is always the same:


NO Tiny Joss!  BAD Tiny Joss!  **squirts TJ with spray bottle**

So far we haven’t had to kill off any beloved characters to satisfy Tiny Joss, but who knows what will happen in future?  He’s awfully persuasive…

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