Our Writing Playlist #1

What gets our writing juices going? (apart from alcohol, of course) — Music!

I know there are writers who can work while there are words playing, but we can’t. But we still have a weakness for classic rock anthems and pop songs that help us get in the right contemporary frame of mind. Mostly we put on Pandora station created around the music of the Vitamin String Quartet, a band that plays instrumental classical arrangements of pop songs and rock classics. The downside of Pandora (upside?) is that there are a lot of the same songs that come up over and over again, to the point where if I hear any of them, my brain goes “you should be writing now!” Here are some of the top examples…

Paparazzi — Dallas String Quartet

Smells Like Teen Spirit — Scott D. Davis

Every Breath You Take — 2cellos

Sweet Child O’ Mine — Richard Blumenfeld

Without You — The Piano Guys

Hallelujah — Josh Vietti

Don’t Stop Believin’ — Dallas String Quartet

Use Somebody — 2cellos

Donegal Bay — Jordan Tice

Hotel California — Scott D. Davis

To Make You Feel My Love — The O’Neill Brothers

The Resistance — 2cellos

Alejandro — The Vitamin String Quartet

Daylight — Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra

Steps — Secret Garden

Pachelbel Meets U2 — Jon Schmidt

A Thousand Miles — Josh Vietti

More songs & playlists coming soon

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