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Hey folks! It’s been COLD here in Brooklyn and so I thought I’d share a happy warming recipe with you all. The other day I randomly got a hankering for bread pudding and instead of grabbing some at a deli like a normal person, I decided to make an ungodly amount of bread pudding at home.

Too Much Pudding

too much! Someone come help us eat this please!

I’m a very ‘ish’ type cook (“handful” is a legit unit of measure in my home) but breaking it down into units humans can understand:

7-8 Cups cubed bread (note: “Cubing” is a pain, I highly recommend shredding with your hands. If you have kids around this is a great job for them to do)
5 Eggs
4 Cups Milk
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Tsp Nutmeg
1 TBSP Vanilla
3/4 c maple syrup
2 shots whiskey or rum
1/2 c craisins

Step 1: Grease the ever-loving crap out of the crock pot. When you think you’ve sprayed that butter spray on way too much, do one more layer. You will thank me later

Step 2: Whisk together the eggs, milk, spices, vanilla, booze, and syrup. Enjoy the delightful smell

Step 3: Throw in the cubed/shredded bread and craisins. Mix everything together. Mix it some more. Make sure everything is coated in deliciousness.

Step 4: Pour bread mixture into your well-greased crock pot, cook on low for 2-3 hours.

Extra J. Tipton Step
Step 5: Panic and forget you were cooking something. Open the crock pot 4 hours after you put it on. Discover it is still fine because crock pots are amazing.

Enjoy. Small Pudding - Copy

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