Round 1: River Song: Doctor Who Companions

“Let’s fight about it!” is a new feature where Annie & Jess (the “AJ” behind AJ Tipton) go toe-to-toe on the important issues of the day.

Let’s Fight About it!

Doctor Who Companions



  • Companion is defined very broadly – folks who are one-off features in episodes count, not just the main run companions.
  • No teams – Rory/Amy are two separate companions and cannot be bundled
  • No season-specific choices. Fifth Season NewWho Rory is the same guy as Seventh Season NewWho Rory
  • Each iteration of Clara is her own companion
  • Like all “let’s fight about it” segments, assume there will be MANY MAJOR SPOILERS

Top 5 Lists


  1. River
  2. Rory
  3. Captain Jack Harkness
  4. Danny Pink
  5. Donna


  1. Amy
  2. Donna
  3. Saibra
  4. Jack Harkness
  5. Oswin Oswold

Round 1: River Song


J: River ugh though – she  just shows up like “oh I belong here” and my immediate reaction is “no, bitch u gotta EARN it”

J: she runs around all “whee we’re married, you’ll see” and then it’s PRACTICALLY EXTORTION

J: like a **shrug** fine i GUESS i’ll marry you

J: don’t be pretending this was some epic romance, woman

A: The cannon shorts on season 6 show they had an epic romance that happened between episodes when amy and rory were sleeping

A: because who really wants to woo a woman with her parents standing right there?


J: see but that’s my problemwe’re ASSURED that they have this wonderful relationship

J: like ‘oh no, trust us’

J: and like.  NO, why would i trust either of you? The Doctor Lies and River is CLEARLY full of shit

A: She’s full of shit about some things, not others. Her affection and sacrifices for the Doctor and Amy/Rory (giving up all of her future regenerations, for example–although that’s a HUGE point off Amy for basically encouraging her DAUGHTER to give up all her future lives to save the Doctor) are sincere

J: yes River is undeniably into the doctor, there’s no question about that. but the other way…..

J: im not convinced it isn’t a pity hang

J: River feels almost like a CHORE for the doctor

J: like ‘mehhh give the girl what she wants’ because he KNOWS she’s going to end up in a computer soon enough

A: She fascinates and challenges him which earns his attention and affection (like what happened with Clara, the man literally LOVES a puzzle), and then–and, yes, this is in the acting rather than what he actually says, but I’m going to include Matt Smith’s acting choices/direction as canon–that in the episode where River is a ghost walking them through the battlefield and the final good bye, that the Doctor really did love her and couldn’t bare to say good bye

A: his face when he finally turns toward her speaks VOLUMES about how he really did love her in the end

A: He also shows a lot of sincere affection towards her in the Angels episode

J: I think this will land at “Agree to Disagree”







Stay tuned for Round Two! Saibra

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