Round 4: Rory Williams, Doctor Who Companions Debate


ROUND 4: Rory Williams

(for rules and round one, see this post)

J: so you put Rory as #2

Rory Cool


A: Because of his arc.  I’d argue that no other companion goes through such a dramatic improvement (and get to keep it, thinking of poor Donna who also had an arc and then reverted back to obnoxious Runaway Bride stage because the Doctor breaks people as often as he improves them)



A: He goes from muddling around in Venice not having a clue to blowing up Cybermen fleets and threatening aliens with swords.


A: The believably of his character arc is extraordinary.

J:  it’s weird though like

J: is he still plastic?

J: can he die?

A: He dies, we see his tombstone.



J:  well yeah but i can carve anything into rock

A: We saw him age at the angel’s hotel in their last episode.

A: After the world got rebooted (Big Bang Two), he was human

A:  He was plastic pre-Pandorica Big Bang, not after, but got to keep a few of the memories sometimes.


J: but yeah i’ll buy the reboot

J: Rory pretty literally mans up through the seasons

J: he’s all like floppy and feminine in his first episode



J: he grows and changes

A: exactly, and he does it slowly and at a believable pace

J: i get why you’d put him so high on your list (but will not be changing mine)



A. Tipton:


J. Tipton:


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