Round 5: Donna Noble vs. Martha Jones, Doctor Who Companions Debate


ROUND 5: Donna Noble vs Martha Jones

(for rules and round one, see this post)

Donna Awesome 1

J: Donna’s on both our lists and she is AMAZING

J: takes ZERO shit

J: mocks the doctor

J: takes him down the peg he DESPERATELY needs to be taken down

A: Yes, the only companion to just tell the Doctor consistently that he’s full of shit, skinny, and not as cool as he thinks he is


A: perfection

A: as opposed to Martha and a few of the others who basically man up in the space of a second.

Donna Awesome 2

J: oy vey yeah Martha what the heck

J: she went from a sad sack to a warrior world traveler in like a day

A: Seriously, where were all of these amazing coping skills and resourcefulness earlier in the season? She hardly ever uses her actual medical degree.

J: Right? she’s a damn DOCTOR, she could have been useful

A: Compare that to Rory, who is picking up medical supplies on every planet they visit and patching up his Dad and learning about other cultures’ medical practices. Martha basically spends her day staring moodily at the Doctor.

A:  and then she basically gets back to the huge flying Saxon bridge thing and then just says a big speech and stops being useful in every way. The Doctor (and the people of Earth) basically take up the rest of the slack, with the Master’s wife nutting up to do what nobody else was willing to do: just shoot the Master.

A: But back to the skills thing, Martha in season 4 does some doctoring in the Doctor’s Daughter, but that’s POST warrior world traveler days.

J: Donna wasn’t especially skilled but think of HOW MUCH donna did with admin skills

J: She made ‘being able to file paperwork’ into ‘saving worlds’

J: As an admin, I respect the CRAP out of that.

Donna Awesome 3

J:  and yeah, Donna’s loud and pushy

J: but sometimes loud and pushy gets the job done

A: exactly.



Donna Awesome 4


Donna Awesome 5

Review: The Top 5  Doctor Who Companion Lists


  1. River
  2. Rory
  3. Captain Jack Harkness
  4. Danny Pink
  5. Donna


  1. Amy
  2. Donna
  3. Saibra
  4. Jack Harkness
  5. Oswin Oswold

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