Round 6: Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who Companions Debate


ROUND 6: Captain Jack Harkness

(for rules and round one, see this post)



A: I do think it’s interesting that Jack made both our lists

A: because he almost didn’t make it on mine, but he’s so different from all of the other characters and cool as shit

J: he’s FUN

J: on a show that can be such a downer, he is consistently up

J: (innuendo intended)


A: haha, indeed

A: solves his problems with flirting, sex, and being indestructible

A: although as soon as he went over to Torchwood, he stopped being as fun over there

J:  yeah welllll

J: let’s leave torchwood in its own lane, eh?

A: yeah, there’s a lot of baggage in that lane

J:  and corpses

A: so many corpses

J: even as the face of Bo though

J: Jack kills it

J: loveable as shit

A: even when we didn’t know it was Jack

J: and that was SUCH a fun reveal

J: like ohhhhhhh snap, homeboy gets GROSS

A: Although the Face of Bo was definitely in the category of Character Who Has All of the Information Necessary to Stop Disaster and Does Nothing

A:Except Cryptic Useless Information Realized After the Fact

A:otherwise known as the Dumbledore Effect

J:  Dumblebore

A: homeboy grows tentacles out of his HEAD


J: maybe he thinks YOU look weird

A:  I want to know if the tentacles were out of his head before his head got chopped off and put in a jar

A: because I imagine Jack would have found SO MANY USES for those

A: The big tragedy of the Face of Bo is that Jack would have to stop getting it on with anyone outside of his jar

J: tee hee

J: weellll

J: aquatic alien life?

J: like SENTIENT, CONSENTING, ADULT aquatic alien life

J: ‘hey babe, wanna swim around in my jar?’

J: who could resist ?

A:  I imagine he’s more skilled with his tongue than any living being in the history of the universe

J: **extra points for jack**


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J Tipton


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