New Book! How to Self-Publish Romance with Friends

how to self publish with friendsAre you ready to have fun and make money self-publishing with friends?

Writing can be difficult, lonely work when done alone.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Read: How to Self-Publish Romance With Friends!

We offer a method of self-publishing that is collaborative and fun.

If you’re breaking into the self-publishing world or just starting out, this is the guide for you! How to Self-Publish Romance with Friends is an indispensable blueprint for evolving your story ideas into published works. We want to save you from the frustration and loneliness of trying to do everything yourself.

AJ Tipton is a highly successful self-publishing team, and we’re willing to let you in on the secrets, hard-earned lessons, and tips we’ve learned about this exciting world.

This book includes:

+ The best way to choose your co-author
+ How to pick a genre and subgenre
+ A fail proof method to create a story that sells
+ An inside guide to hiring freelancers for editing, cover art creation, translations, and more
+ Formatting and editing tips
+ Publishing platforms and questions to ask: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Nook, etc.
+ The pros and cons of translating your book
+ How to create—and use—your budget
+ Tips to successfully market your books
+ The power of social media
+ How to keep your partnership sustainable, share tasks, and continue to write together

And so much more!

If you’re ready to get creative and write with friends, read this book to start your journey to successful self-publishing now!

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