5-star quick review: Ridiculous (DL Carter)

ridiculousSuch a gloriously hilarious book. I’m a big fan of the “girl who dresses as a boy in order to reach XYZ goal” trope so I’m a super easy sell, but I especially appreciate a book that takes into account the many logistical problems and has the characters and circumstances figured out to the point where it seems plausible that the character could pull it off (however ridiculously). That the main character is basically a stand-up comedian before there was a word for such a trade makes their masquerade all the more amazing. I’ve never been much tempted to write fan fiction, but this book might be an exception as the characters all lingered with me after I finished the pages, as I imagined how they would continue their lives and have to learn to live with each other under the new terms established at the end of the book (trying not to spoil anything). Can’t recommend highly enough this book, I’ve already bought a copy for just about everyone I know. I hope DL Carter returns to this world again in the future, it’s awesome.

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