5-star quick review: My Lady Quicksilver (Bec McMaster)

my lady quicksilverReally fun book, a great addition to the exciting, romantic London Steampunk series. I read this series out of order (since only 1 and 3 were available on Kindle Unlimited), but was so drawn into the characters and world that I went back and purchased the read.

With so many of the steam punk books I start and then don’t finish, the focus is so much on the atmosphere and combination of gears/magic/fictional Victorian values (we’re prudes but longing to be super sexy! I’d really love to see what an actual Victorian would think of the steampunk genre), that the characters get lost in the shuffle. Or the women are so “independent and headstrong” that they come off like irresponsible idiots who have survived this long only due to luck and the author’s interference. Not here. Rosalind Fairchild earns all of her successes and skills, and is a true match for the striking male lead, Sir Jaspar Lynch. Highly satisfying, fun adventure read.

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