5-star quick review: The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake (Jessica Clare)

billionaireWith books by Jessica Clare/Jill Myles, you can usually be pretty sure what you’re going to get: sassy and intelligent ladies who know what they want and their worth as well as sexy and compassionate guys who will do whatever it takes to be worthy of their love. “The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake” is no exception, as a fun romantic romp where our male lead SERIOUSLY messes up in the first scene and must grovel for the rest of the book. Even if I wasn’t always convinced that Greer SHOULD forgive Asher for his behavior and take him back, eventually he wore me down (just as he does for Greer) and by the end I was all for Team Asher. Even more than the romance, I loved the setting of straight-laced modest Greer growing up at a Playboy Mansion-type castle in Vegas and her compassion for the people who work there. It’s a lifestyle that is too easy to demonize, and Clare does a fantastic job of showing the models who work there as human beings. Can’t wait to see how the “Billionaires and Bridemaids” books continue to play out, as this insane wedding continues to spiral out of control. With each book, I thank every lucky star to not be Grechen’s friend. Or, at least, very happy to see her wedding from very far away. 🙂

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