5-star quick review: Throne of Glass ( Sarah J. Maas)

throne of glassCelaena is a heroine who defies expectation. She’s a badass assassin, the best on the continent, imprisoned for years after a betrayal from the people she loved and trusted most. In many ways, she follows the pattern of many heroes in similar straights across literature: she’s strong, she’s independent, courageous, sticks up for the little guy, knows a lot of languages, and has enough arrogance to impress even a prince. But she also never fails to embrace or reject that she’s a girl. She loves clothes, spends her money on weapons which are pretty as well as functional, lusts after hot guys, uses her beauty as weapon and her body as a source of power. It’s beautiful and rare to see a hero who so fully embraces the heroic potential of being both a warrior AND a woman, with the two complementing each other rather than at odds. The book has a bit of everything: adventure, romance, Good and Evil, intrigue, courts and finery, action, comedy, complex world-building, and magic. Highly recommended for a rainy day, this whole series is great fun.

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