5-star quick review: Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel)

station elevenFrom the very beginning of reading this book, two things became very clear: 1) it’s a slow and complex read requiring far more attention than I usually give to whatever book I’m flying through every day and, 2) every moment is completely worth it. This book is exquisite. The characters, the world, the way the plot is structured is almost like a weaving tapestry of time, place, loves, and losses all coming together in and out until the final picture is far more beautiful and complicated than most books can ever hope to accomplish. It’s at once a very simple story — what happens after the world ends? It’s certainly the type of story which has been told many times before — but it is told with such a love and forgiveness that even the most haunting and horrible is still beautiful. I loved it, and I know already that the scenes and people are going to stay with me for a very long time. It’s not exactly a HAPPY read, but it is one that is certainly HOPEFUL, and that ultimately means a lot more from the perspective of such a dark world.

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