5-star quick review: Book of Three (Lloyd Alexander)

book of threeOldie but a goodie. The Book of Three is one of those great classic fantasy books that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. And the awful “Black Cauldron” movie doesn’t count. This book series demands a TV show starring Colin Morgan and the world needed it yesterday. It’s hope and joy in the midst of tragedy and the inevitable death of all you love and who love you. But I’m getting ahead of myself (the last book of this series broke me as a child). The Book of Three is amazing high fantasy of the greatest possible caliber. It has impressive and realistic world-building which never overshadows the characters. The plot moves quickly and deliberately along the established tropes of the reluctant hero, and yet always feel fresh. And Gurgi. Gurgi forever. With crunching and munchies and hurts to his poor, tender head. All the hugs for Gurgi.

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