5-star quick review:The Song of the Lioness Quartet (Tamara Pierce)

alannaThese books are so fantastically good. Alanna is such an amazing heroine, for her strength of will, determination, loyalty, and yet she’s also completely relateable as a flawed and complete human with moments of insecurity, doubt, and self-pity which she forces past. She never quits and always pushes herself past anyone’s expectations. There should be merch sold everywhere saying “What Would Alanna Do?” as the ultimate rallying cry for embracing courage and selflessness even in the face of fear and overwhelming odds. She dares to love even in the most terrifying of circumstances. Couldn’t recommend it enough for would-be heroes of all ages.

All four books are amazing (the third less so, but it’s like comparing chocolate frozen yogurt to ice cream: it’s still really tasty, just slightly less so).

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