Recommended AJ Tipton Reading Order

Almost all of our books are written as stand-alone books. But, as we’ve mentioned before, there is a fair amount of cross-over. If you happen to read them all at once, you’ll pick out some mentions of previous characters and events. We do this for a few reasons. One: it’s fun. Two: sometimes we miss characters and want to just check in on them (Cleo from Alpha’s Mates probably gets mentioned the most because we love her). And, lastly: we’re nerds, and hidden messages are the food of our lives.

Considering the recent release of the second Bear Shifter Games book, Conquering the Bear (available for $0.99 until Sunday night), it felt right to revisit the ideal order to read through all of our books in order to get all of the references.

To appreciate the world of Audrey’s Bar: a contemporary setting where paranormal creatures, witches, and shifters all exist just out of the corner of human perception. They tend to congregate around the AUDREY’S bar, a cantina where you could see anyone and anything can happen. The best order to read these is roughly in the order which we wrote them.

1. Her Elemental Viking Series:

2. The Bear Shifter Billionaire Series:

3. Her Biker Dragon Series – These follow a single group of heroic dragon shifters, and is the only series which is best experienced when read in order. They’re also all available for free through Kindle Unlimited.

  1. Her Valiant Dragon
  2. Her Delicious Dragon
  3. Her Rock Star Dragon
  4. Her Hacker Dragon
  5. Her Alpha Dragon

4. Bear Shifter Games – These are currently underway! Read them while they’re fresh!

The world of the fairy tale retellings: a fantasy/magic setting in the vaguely medieval past with no connection to the other series (except that Lola, the AUDREY’S bartender, makes a few scattered cameo appearances).

The “Sexy Genderswapped Fairy Tale” series is separated out into a Part 1 and a Part 2. The stories in each part are somewhat connected to each other with characters walking out of one and into the other, but (with the exception of a shared villain between Breaking the Curse and Hair Apparent) are otherwise completely separate.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The world of Madame’s Girls on the Grift – a non-magical fantasy setting. The first is a prequel to the second, with reoccurring characters in both. These are utterly unconnected to the other series.


So I hope this was helpful! Read them all! Collect them all! And then tell your friends. And, while you’re doing that, write some reviews, and so on. We’re independent authors, we need all the help we can get. 🙂


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