4-star quick review: I Spy a Duke (Erica Monroe)

spy a dukeVery cute and enjoyable read. Vivian Loren is a governess in over her head when her brother’s murderer tasks her to spy on the household of a wealthy and powerful Duke. What she doesn’t know is that the Duke is from a family of spies where everyone — including the fiery and independent sisters of the Duke, who I’m looking forward to their adventures in the other books in the series — knows far more about being sneaky and lying than she does. But the Duke has some heavy emotional baggage of his own, blaming himself for the death of his sister who died while spying for an evil French spymaster, and the haunted and beautiful Vivian might be just what he needs.

This book is fun, quick, and light-hearted, with as much sweeping melodrama, whirlwind romance, and longing looks as I hoped would happen in its pages. Nobody is especially clever and most of the emotional moments are hit quite hard on the head, but it was an enjoyable brainless whirl of a book. Set expectations appropriately.

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