5-star quick review: Kick (John L. Monk)

kickLoved it! I went into this book completely blind (didn’t read the blurb beforehand) and was absolutely blown away at the originality of the story. It’s been a long time since I read a book in a single day, but I couldn’t help myself! If I had to criticize anything, it would be the writing of the female characters. They were all only victims or props, but, alas, this is a very common trend. That realization crept up on me, and it was harder and harder to ignore as the story went on. But OVERALL, loved it. I’m stoked to see this is a series because I will be reading more!

FWIW came across this from listening to the Rocking Self Publishing podcast. Went to buy it on Amazon and found I already got it from a free promo in Dec 2014.

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