4-star quick review: Alien Adoration (Jessica E. Subject)

alien adorationFor my first alien romance read, I wanted a few more aliens. But overall this is a very cute romance, with some great super-sexy love scenes and a sweet, hot, alien construction worker who has only ever wanted the girl next door. This book mixes the contemporary romance tropes of long-lost-love-found-again and lusting-after-neighbor with some fun alien quirks for a satisfying, quick romp. Rachel is a very insecure heroine who believes that Luke could never love her (not surprising as she is almost raped by three guys in a row and definitely assaulted by two, and we’re told this is normal), while Luke is equally convinced that she could never love him because of his alien powers. They are very cute together, and it’s a satisfying read with everyone getting what they want. Nice for a hot afternoon and free on Amazon.

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