5-star quick review: Jarek – Dragons of Preor, #1 (Erin Tate & Celia Kyle)

jarekHot and fun alien romance with all the space ships, aliens, fun tech, and emotional telepathy that makes for a exciting read. Jerek and Melissa are literally struck down to their knees when they first see each other under the force of the Knowing, an extreme love-at-first-sight which marks them as mates forever and fills them both with all the history and knowledge of the entire Preor alien race. Something I really appreciated about this book was — despite the extreme power of the Knowing which nearly kills them both when Melissa freaks out and runs from it, and which makes them both desire each other so strongly it nearly drives them insane — that both characters take the effort to get to know each other, learn what drives them, and spend time together before declaring love and getting down to the hot mating they’ve been craving. It gives them both agency and makes their HEA so much more legitimate than if they’d simply bowed to the power of “this is the one” and gone along with it. Very fun and steamy read, and available on Kindle Unlimited for free.

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