5-star quick review: King of the Asheville Coven (T.S. Joyce)

joyce-vampire-1Really enjoyable quick and dirty read. I haven’t read the Harper’s Mountains series, which this is a spin off, but it was still highly enjoyable as a stand alone. Aric is a vampire king who 1) hates being a vampire, and 2) hates being king, but steps up to both use his vampire abilities to be a fantastic fire fighter, and protect his clan when it was necessary. I feel like there’s a lot I might have missed in terms of the origins of Aric’s leadership in the other books, but he was still a richly-woven and fun character. Sadey Lowen is a rare shifter being hunted by an abusive ex who falls instantly and completely in love with Aric from the moment he saves her from dying in flames over a cliff. As meet-cutes go, it’s pretty epic. The fun and sexiness doesn’t stop from beginning to end, and although it’s a quick read, there’s plenty there to bite into. Free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited.

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