4-star quick review: Dark Hero (Lily Silver)

dark-heroI found this book looking under the “Gothic” section of the Amazon Unlimited Romance section since I’d only ever read satires of Gothic romances and was curious to see something that self-identified whole-heartedly as a Gothic romance. And holy cripes, is this book the most Gothic romance to ever brood across the mores. A dark, handsome hero with a violent past destined by magic to adore a heroine who is both deeply broken, and feisty in the fast of adversity. The most harrowing series of events to ever happen to two people heaped one upon another: curses, kidnappings, rapes (major trigger alerts, all over the place, heads up), misunderstood smoldering, torture, disguises, pirates, haunted houses, more rape, exotic islands, ghosts (SO many ghosts, both kind and murderous), evil stepfathers, long-lost brothers, wizards, gypsies, more pirates… just everything. Everything and the kitchen sink. It took a little while to lean into the crazy, but the characters are hard to hate since the book is so deeply sincere in its embrace of its brooding Gothic mentality. If you’re up for some dark catharsis romance (nothing light of bubbly about this read), then hit up Dark Hero, available for free on Amazon to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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