3-star quick review: Remembrance (Michelle Madow)

remembranceThis is a very cute book. It hit a lot of the Twilight beats (basically, the paranormal over-the-top obsessive and stalker teenage love beats), but with less creepiness, and with more agency and personality for the female lead. I have a feeling Drew Carmichael and Lizzie Davenport would definitely have a good time sitting with Bella and Edward at lunch, though: they have nearly identical literary interests (poetry, Jane Austen), and the same impression of what love is: obsessive, all-consuming, illogical, based on sexual attraction at first sight, built on longing looks from across a room, and involving almost no conversation whatsoever. That said, this book is well written, has an interesting world of magical rules, the reincarnation bits are fun, and the plot is (more than Twilight, anyway) driven by characters’ choices rather than Fate (for the most part). Most of my issues with this book are mostly just my own personal prejudices. I need to stop reading romances with teenage protagonists because they’re opinions of romance make me want to shake them.

Available for free on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited.

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