5-star quick review: Two Bosses: MMF Bisexual Romance (Elle Everton)

twobossesReally enjoyed this one, surprisingly so. I started with this series just looking for some fun sex scenes (which, oh yes, this delivers. Super hot MMF, MM, MF, all the Ms sex), but was surprised by the emotional depth and individuality of the characters, as well as realistic portrayals of people who have jobs and lives which are impacted by their romantic decisions. The two bosses in the title are best friends who are as close as brothers, except for if brothers wanted to bang each other. It takes their new temp secretary, who bonds with both (including one of them hard and fast in the bathroom) to realize that they were always meant to be a triad. Fun fireworks abound at every turn as these three get frisky just about everywhere. But what I liked most about the book was that each of the characters has enough family and professional things going on in their life that they never feel like the erotica porn props that is often the case with smut (I say with love). Fun, quick steamy read. Very much looking forward to what else Elle Everton has next.

Available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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