5-star quick review: Two Rivals – MMF Bisexual Romance (Elle Everton)

tworivalsSuper fun book. Reading it back to back with Two Bosses was an interesting study in contrasts. While in Two Bosses the MM in the MMF are best friends who have always loved each other and just needed the spark of the lady to realize that their love was always something more, in here we have the MM have been bitter enemies for twenty years and it takes the lady for them to realize that their rivalry has always stemmed from deeper attraction. Unlike Two Bosses, however, this book actually decides to tread in the dangerous territory of acknowledging the personal costs and doubts that come with a hyper-masculine straight guy realizing that he’s capable of desiring (and really enjoying sex with) another man. It increases the personal stakes in a fun way, and makes the HEA all the sweeter. I started with this series just looking for some fun sex scenes (which this definitely has, in spades, super hot throughout), but was surprised by the emotional depth and individuality of the characters, as well as realistic portrayals of people who have jobs and lives which are impacted by their romantic decisions. A quick, steamy read, but definitely worth it if MMF is your speed.

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