4-star quick review: “Code of Honor” (Andrea Pickens)

code-of-honorThis is a fun, adventure read. Full marks for featuring a Regency-era heroine who manages to be “intrepid”, intelligent, and bold while also staying within the historical probabilities of the age. She’s a very knowledgeable botanist and artist whose family is in danger from forces unknown, and nobody will take her (very warranted) suspicions seriously. Except for one man… who knows a few things about being misunderstood because of vicious rumors. “Code of Honor” is a quick read, with plenty of twists and turns all ending in an earned HEA between two characters who we see enough of to know they would genuinely suit each other and have a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. Lovely read, if somewhat predictable in every respect with an over-the-top mustache-twirling villain.

Available on Amazon for as low as $00.01 paperback.


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