5++ star quick review for Hold Me (Courtney Milan)

hold-meLOVE this book. There should be a seven-star option for how much I loved this book. I laughed, I cried, and then I wept and wondered why this isn’t required reading for every straight man who thinks he’s a “feminist” while still holding tight to discriminatory and stereotyping views about women and how they “should” look and act. This book manages to explore ideas of identity, race, feminism, the challenges women face in STEM, the challenges women face simply by being women, and the complications of being trans without ever getting overtly preachy or trying to make some kind of “statement” beyond that everyone deserves respect. It’s also a fun and entertaining romance book about two really great, well-rounded characters who understand and grow together into a wonderful relationship. And there are also really great science references, and even a nice shout out to “Hamilton”, which is guaranteed to make me smile. Just wonderful. Everybody read this.

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