5-star quick review: Last Wish (Helen Harper)

last-wishI’ve been enjoying the Highland Magic series from the beginning and I’m SO glad the ending did not disappoint. This was my first Helen Harper series, and it will definitely not be the last. Integrity and Byron’s adventures ended with an appropriately epic bang, complete with a steady stream of magic, puns (so many puns, can’t get enough of the puns), adventure, and romance. So nice to see these two crazy kids get together, it feels earned after so much time, with a few fun side romances finding their HEAs, but I won’t spoil any of those. I’m also a sucker for some fun social justice themes within my adventure romance, and “Last Wish” remains true to the end as a book advocating for–and proving the worth–of inclusion, forgiveness, communication, and freedom. It’s really rare for the protagonist of an adventure book to be a pacifist and then stick to those guns of NOT fighting, even at huge personal cost, when the usual is for every protagonist to be a butt-kicking warrior. But the book does a beautiful job in illustrating that the true warriors aren’t those who successfully use violence, it’s those who don’t give up against enormous odds, and who stick with their values and protect their friends no matter what it takes. Such a fun read.

Available for free through Kindle Unlimited.

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