4-star quick review: The Golden Spider (Anne Renwick)

the-golden-spiderVery cute book; a fun, steampunk romp. It has everything that a steampunk romance needs: lots of leather corsets, large goggles, steamy sex between two likable and talented protagonists, and fun magic/science with gears and chemicals galore. What helps this one to stand out among the crowd is the author’s clear passion and deep knowledge of science. The author holds a Ph.D. in biology and it definitely shows.

“The Golden Spider” is the adventure/romance between Lady Amanda — a noblewoman determined to finish her medical degree so that she can enter the field of scientific research — and Lord Thornton (and, yes, he looks a bit like the guy from North and South, he’s plenty hot to pull it off), who is a nobleman, spy, and accomplished genius scientist. Their attraction is immediate and explosive, but it’s the meeting of their minds and passion shared for science that draws them together and allows them to save the day from an evil spy who wants to steal their inventions to commit EVIL.

This is a super quick read. I look forward to the next book in this enjoyable series. Available for free on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited.

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