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vampire's choice
The final book of the Royal Blood series is here!

A vampire princess desperate to atone for her past mistakes. A hunky hermit with a plan to change the world. In their quest to save their people, can they also save themselves?

We are so excited to bring you the last vampire story of our newest series, Royal Blood! It can be read as a stand alone, but references events from the books in the series, (1) The Vampire’s Throne, (2) The Vampire’s Lair, and (3) The Vampire’s Escape.

Royal Blood is set in the same world as the Bear Shifter Billionaire, Her Elemental Viking, Her Biker Dragon, and Bear Shifter Games series. This series, Royal Blood, stands alone, but if you keep a sharp eye out, you may notice some familiar faces.

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About Us

AJ Tipton is the pseudonym for a writing team: Annie and Jess (Get it? “AJ”). We spend our days in Manhattan working for our corporate overlords, and during the evening we’re in Brooklyn writing fantasies to astound, amuse and arouse.

Our ideas for future books–everything from sex-robots to ghost brothels–will keep us busy for many decades to come, so be sure to join us for the fun! Let us know what stories you like best, we love to hear from readers.

If you want to learn more about how we write together, we wrote a whole book about it!

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  1. Me encantan sus libros son alegres divertidos y eróticos y los personajes tienen de todo me divertí muchísimo con lo que la reina quiere no dejen de escribir gracias por hacer mis días más alegres 😀😁😂

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