4-star quick review: Lumiere (Jacqueline E. Garlick)

lumiereHugely imaginative. It’s half steampunk, half fantasy, with some dashes of fairy tale thrown in for good measure. Eyelet Elsworth is a teenager thrown in over her head when, after her father died when she was a child in mysterious circumstances, her mother is accused of witchcraft and Eyelet is forced to flee the world she knows to not be executed as well. Gadgets abound, magic is everywhere, and every character is strikingly memorable and vividly described in utterly unique ways. At times the plot gets a little too caught up with the gadgets (which pop up everywhere, exactly when the plot dictates that they should exist to get the protagonists either into or out of trouble), but the action is fast-paced and Eyelet is a fun (if occasionally frustrating and flawed) heroine. Fun read, it’s also available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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