From Lola’s Bar Menu: The Fiery Viking (aka the Angry Apple)

How could we resist?  A cocktail with Fireball whiskey and named the Angry Apple was almost too perfect for our Her Fiery Viking signature drink.  This is ideal for autumn as it has everything apple-y and cinnamon-y and warm and wonderful that you’ll need to stave off the season’s chill. If Her Fiery Viking hasn’t already gotten your temperature up 😉  enjoy this delicious cocktail:

fireball hard cider

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1 bottle Angry Orchard (or any Hard Cider)
1 shot Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

You can either just throw both ingredients into a glass of your choice, whiskey first or cider first it doesn’t matter.  If you’re feeling particularly tempestuous, you can drop the filled shot glass (gently) into a pint glass filled with cider and down it like a boilermaker.  We here at Splendid Sassy Smut believe in sipping slowly, taking your time and enjoying yourself–in drinking and…other pursuits.

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