Bear Shifter Billionaire: Three Book Alpha Romance Bundle Available Now!

job_16_3D_stackThis action-packed bundle includes three novels that each combine strong men, confident women, and smoldering love scenes into a magical, multidimensional world that tantalizes the senses.

Alpha’s Heir:
Orson is running from commitment. Casey just wants to cook amazing food. When their paths collide, the effect is delicious. This book includes sassy curvy women, drool-worthy cooking, exciting bear attacks, and a love so hot it sizzles.

Alpha’s Mates:
Cleo is an Alpha and CEO of her own wildly successful company. Titus and Connor own a ranch sanctuary for supernatural creatures. When Cleo is stranded at their ranch, the sparks literally fly. This sizzling book for mature readers involves a literal roll in the hay, wet and wild firefighting, and a love that’s magical to the power of three.

Alpha’s Domain (NEW!):
Ben is a hotel mogul tortured by his past. Sally is his hyper-organized hotel manager who cannot see the supernatural world around her. When an intimate encounter forces Sally to confront magical reality, can her new skills be precisely what Ben needs to find justice? This paranormal romance for adults includes sexy bear shifters, interfering supernatural bartenders, explosive magic training, and a workplace romance so hot it will melt even the coldest heart.

Set in the same world as AJ Tipton’s “Her Elemental Viking” series, the “Bear Shifter Billionaire” series includes such memorable characters as Lola (the mysterious, supernatural bartender who knows more than she’ll ever tell), Audrey (a witch with a skill at matchmaking)and a whole cast of lovable, supernatural creatures.

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Readers.

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