New book!! Snow Truer Love: An Adult Genderswapped Snow White Retelling (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales Book 5)

Snow truer loveAdventure for the fairest of them all

In a magical kingdom far away, there lived cursed princes, warrior women, and mighty magic. Snow Truer Love is a sexy genderswapped retelling of Snow White where the heroes have become heroines, the heroines have become heroes, and nothing is as it seems.

When handsome Prince Snow is finally eligible to be king, the people declare Snow must dethrone his tyrannical stepfather, Victor. But when Victor hears he may be replaced, the jealous ruler decides Snow must die. With his life and kingdom on the line, Snow teams up with the lovely Mirror–the woman he secretly loves–to end his stepfather’s tyranny, whatever the cost.

When Mirror first arrived as an advisor to the slimy King Regent Victor, she thought she’d found the easiest job in the world: just tell the ruler he is the fairest of them all. When Victor’s decrees threaten Snow’s life, Mirror knows she must risk everything to help Snow regain control of the kingdom.

This genderswapped fairy tale for adults features sexy FFM threesomes, feisty dwarves, and the most beautiful love of all.

These STANDALONE novellas can be read in any order. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.

Available now on Amazon!!

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