5-star quick review: Her Every Wish (Courtney Milan)

her every wishCourtney Milan wins again. Her Every Wish is short, but sweet, and filled with really great moments. I’m not a bike rider (I’m living proof that it is 100% possible to forget how to ride a bike), but reading this made me almost want to get back on one again to experience the existential thrill.

Milan is the queen of the small, meaningful character moments. My favorite comes in the later part of the book where in the midst of one of the characters admitting to the less-than-socially-acceptable actions of his past lists a love affair with a man and theft (among other things), and the other character doesn’t blink an eye at her love’s bisexuality, but is morally affronted by his petty larceny. Love it so much.

Can’t wait for the next adventures in this series.

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