4-star quick review: Lady Honor’s Debt (Maggi Andersen)

honorDefinitely some fun, light reading. Lady Honor Baxendale is a young woman with an independent mind, a plan to save her family, and an excellent eye for character. Lord Edward Winborne is an intelligent lawyer making his way up in the world who finds himself swept up in the whirlwind of Honor’s plans, increasingly impressed with her spirit and drive. As the first book in the series of the Baxendale sisters, this book does a lot to set up their future adventures and set the stage for their neighbors, family histories, and problems which will be the crux of the conflicts for the rest of the series. As a consequence, the actual conflict in this book doesn’t get a lot of time or juice behind it. Even so, the romance between Edward and Honor is very sweet and seeing them fall in love is lovely.

It’s also free on Amazon, which helps enormously (click the cover for the Amazon link).

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