5-star quick review: Gifted Thief (Helen Harper)

giftedthiefWildly fun read. It took me a while to get used to the combination of contemporary technology, media and music references, and nerdisms in a world of magic ruled by elf Sidhe, but once I leaned into it, this is an engaging and fun read. (Although, total side note – would Star Trek have the same kind of engaging punch if your world was already filled with beings with X-Men-like abilities?? Would people in a fantasy universe be enamored with sci-fi worlds and vice versa? Is Deep Space Nine so great that even if you can teleport, it’s still fun, or would watching/reading media with magic when you HAVE magic be interesting in the same way that people here still read contemporary-set media? Or would watching fiction based with a different magic system than yours be intriguing like learning about a different culture? The main character makes Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, etc references constantly. This series inspires some interesting nerdy trains of thought.)

So this series follows Integrity, a non-magical Sidhe in hiding from her people, living with a group of human thieves who have become her new family after a childhood spent as a nameless outcast among the Sidhe. But the Sidhe world is in trouble, and it’s going to take the skills she’s developed living among humans in order to save the magical beings from themselves. Even if she has to push away the sexy elf prince who has eyes for her. She also says pun jokes all the time. Really. Really bad pun jokes ALL the time. Really enjoying this series, can’t wait to see how it goes.

Available for free through Kindle Unlimited.

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